150 Gallon Electric Kombucha Brewer

150 Gallon Kombucha Kettle is made from a new sanitary seamless stainless steel drum. Polished to a medium luster, it has ports for a thermometer and drain valve.   

  • Several drain options.
  • Threaded thermometer port with thermometer.
  • 2" heater element ferrules.
  • Includes whirlpool / recirculation port.
  • Optional sight glass.
  • Optional insulation kit.
  • Uses large stand.

Whirlpool decreases heating time and helps in disolving sugars. 

We recommend getting more element ports than you need. It's easy to add an element later if you already have a port. 

Approximate Dimensions:

o.d.: 30.4"
HT:  46"

For more information on our SSR Controller and the variety of Elements we carry to suit your needs, please visit the links above.


Price: $2,217.00