55 Gallon Stainless Steel Barrel - Open Head

NOTE: This used 55 gallon open-head drum is out of stock. Bubba's Barrels can supply a new 55 gallon stainless steel drum here.

Used open head drum . Heavy duty, all welded drum has four vent holes approximately 1.5" from top. Vent holes range from 1/4" to almost 1/2" in diameter.  The holes can be left open or TIG welded closed.

The drums we currently have are not as pretty as some we have had in the past. If appearance is important, we recommend you have them polished. 

If a seal is not required then the holes will not cause a problem. TIG welding fills the holes restoring the drum back to its orginal strength and function. Copper rivets look cool and do an excellent job of sealing the hole. The handles on your stock pots use a rivet of the same style.

Polishing is an option. We bring the drum up to a medium luster. It looks nice, but some dings and scratches will still be visible.

Polishing and TIG welding is done on an as ordered basis.  Please allow us a few days to get your barrel shipped.

Lids... Add a lid with your drum purchase and save. For a full description visit Lids & Gaskets.

Approximate Dimensions:
o.d: 23-3/8"
HT:  35"
.050" = 1.27mm

Closure Instructions

Used drums are not new. They may have small dents and other imperfections. For more information see our FAQ

**If you are ordering 3 or more drums AND you have a commercial address, motor freight might make more sense for your shipping option. 

Price: $279.91
SKU: BB018