BBE012-1 Glycol Chiller

The Chase BBE012-1  is our largest single phase Chiller with 18600 Btu/h of cooling power @ 25°  It is a workhorse that is well suited for a 7 -10 Barrel brewhouse. In addition to the standard features of the smaller units the BBE009 & 12 offer

  • Refrigerant Pressure guages
  • Stainless brazed plate heat exchanger
  • Low flow protection
  • 23.8 gallon glycol tank
  • IP44 Indoor / outdoor cabinet
  • Washable Stainless Steel condensor filters.  
Electrical data:
The maximum power input (total) for the BBE012-E chiller is 4.7 kW. The maximum absorbed current (total) is 32 amps, and the inrush (starting) current is 79.7 amps.
We offer Chillers from 5K Btu/h to 150 Tons. Before deciding on the BBE012,  or any other model, we encourage you to visit our chiller page then contact us so we can work with you to identify the best unit for your application.
Glycol chillers are drop shipped from the manufacturer.
Due to manufacturing and supply chain issues, pricing may not be accurate.
Please contact us for pricing.
Price: $13,250.00
SKU: SS426