Dual Element Temperature Controller

The add-on dual element PID controller Includes a variety of hardware for easy wall attachment. It is provided with a cable leads, but it will need to be wired to your heaters. The included temp probe can be screwed into 1/2" NPT threaded bung.
The controller allows you to set the target temp and run time. It features a stainless steel enclosure, indicator lights, safety lockout, and temperature probe. A controller ensures accurate and repeatable results while minimizing electricity consumtion and saving time.
This four-wire 208 - 250 volt controller draws 60 amps and requires an 85 amp service.  A service entry hole will need to be drilled to accomodate  your installation specifics. 
The Dual Element Temperature Controller works well with our 30-gallon steam generator or your custom application. This unit is NOT designed for use with the Mushroom Substrate Steamer.
Price: $970.00
SKU: BM515