Hanging Agitator

The stainless steel drum agitator from Woodman Agitator is a perfect fit for our drums and custom tanks. The single high-lift 21” blade is superior to our competitor’s 4-inch propellers. A single blade is sufficient for most applications, but in large drums (or just for your peace of mind) we offer a double blade version as well.

The Hanging Agitator is our most versatile option. It can be installed in any drum with a center 2” npt/s bung hole. The agitator shaft and blade typically stays with the lid. It is possible to remove the lid while leaving in the agitator in in the tank, but if you plan to do this often, a pin style agitator might be a better choice.  

The Agitator hangs from Woodman’s patent-pending support and is driven by an air motor, electric drill, or a hand crank.

To complete your project, at a minimum, you will need a drum, center bung cover, and a motor or other drive.

 We know it's important to get this right, so feel free to Contact us, we are happy to help.

Price: $225.00
SKU: BN486