Iwaki America MD-70RLT

The Iwaki MD-70 represents a signifigant step up from MD-55. It is a great choice when pressure drop is a concern. It works well in applications that have extended piping or heat exchangers.
Features include:

  • Japanese PSC 1/4 hp motor
  • Cast aluminium frame and bell ends
  • Twin bearings that last longer than bushings
  • Balanced drive magnet
  • Internal cooling circuit that reduces operating temperatures.
  • 1" Male NPT connetions
  • Max head: 31.8'
  • Max pressure: 21 PSI
  • Up to 25.6 GPM
  • 13.2 pounds
The Iwaki Magnetic drive pumps the best-built longest-lasting products in the industry. 
This product will be drop shipped from the manufacturer.
Price: $625.00

Add 1.5" TC adaptors to the pump

SKU: SS451