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85 Gallon Electric Mash Tun

2 Barrel Electric Mash Tun made from a food grade 304 stainless steel drum. Standard and optional features include:

  • 1.5" Tri-clover compatible drain with butterfly valve.
  • Threaded thermometer port with thermometer.
  • Recirculation port for attaching your sparge assembly.
  • 12" manway. 
  • False Bottom.
  • 2" ferrule below false bottom for immersion heater.
  • Optional insulation Kit.
  • Uses medium stand.
  • Optional Thermocouple/PID port for remote temp monitoring (cap included)
  • Multiple lid options available
Approximate Dimensions:

o.d.: 27"
HT:  36"


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  The drums are new, but they have been shipped via truck with no packaging. Drums may have some light scratches from handling.  Unless specifically listed, the drums are not UN rated.. For more information see our FAQ.

Price: $2,461.00
SKU: BK240