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55 Gallon Cold Liquor Tank

55 Gallon CLT is made from a new stainless steel drum with ports for a thermometer and drain valve.   

  • 1.5" Tri-clover compatible drain with butterfly valve.
  • Threaded thermometer port with thermometer.
  • Cooling Coil in lid
  • 1.5" TC filler port in lid 
  • Insulated with Armaflex and jacketed with neoprene
  • Optional whirlpool / recirculation port.
  • Optional herms coil. (Adding a herms coil removes the cooling coil in the lid)
  • Optional sight glass.
  • Uses small or medium stand.
  • Optional Thermocouple/PID port for remote temp monitoring (cap included)

Whirlpool greatly improves effenciency of a cooling or herms coil. 

Approximate Dimensions:

o.d.: 24"
HT:  35"

Check out our stands made to fit your cold liquor tank here.

Price: $1,795.00
SKU: BK283