Substrate Temperature Controller

The add-on PID controller Includes a variety of hardware for easy wall attachment. It is provided with a cable lead, but it will need to be wired to your exisitng heater. We recommend using L14-30 twistlock connections. The included temp probe can be screwed into the existing thermometer port on the lid of your substrate steamer.
The controller allows you to set the target temp and run time. A controller is highly recommended for 220-250 volt set ups. It features a stainless steel enclosure, indicator lights, safety lockout, and temperature probe. A controller ensures accurate and repeatable results while minimizing electricity consumption and saving time.
This four-wire 208 - 250 Volt controller requires an extension or power lead with a L14-30 connector. They are readily available from Amazon or you local home improvement store. The controller requires 3 wire plus a ground wire; single phase 240v power. 240 volt single-phase service must include a ground and a neutral. **Orders shipped after 1/1/24 will no longer utilize the L14-30 plug. The controller will contain a cord grip and will need to be hard-wired. If you are not confident in your ability to wire the controller, please seek out an electrician.
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